About MusaSchools School Musical Resource

MusaSchools school musicals are all written by musician and primary school teacher Dan Minchin, from Christchurch New Zealand.

Dan Minchin has been writing school musicals for about 15 years and sharing them with the schools he was teaching in at the time, in New Zealand, England and the Middle East.

As Dan explains:
"The excitement and sense of accomplishment everyone involved feels when you do that final curtain call is amazing.  Almost nothing can rival it."

Providing and being involved with co-curricular activities such as musicals are one of the things primary school children and staff remember for years to come.  Performing in musicals builds confidence, friendships, commitment and perseverance as well as bringing everyone together.  It develops a mutual respect and trust in everyone that's involved.

Your school musical can be as big as you want, where you could involve just those interested, or get the whole school into it.  Groups can design and paint backdrops and school bands can be formed to play the music.

Why Choose MusaSchools?

  • Save precious time and effort as each MusaSchools musical is accompanied with ALL THE RESOURCES NEEDED to get your school musical on to the stage.
  • MusaSchools School Musicals offer top quality plays with completely original songs (listen to the catchy music samples on each musical page).
  • Each school musical lasts about one hour without intermission (except for Stay out of Trouble Frankie, which is a mini musical and can even be done with a class).
  • These school musicals can all be rehearsed in one term, with your performance in the last week of term.
  • Each school musical has a central theme or message and can be used in conjunction with the topic you are doing, or you can just choose one you like the look of.
  • School bands can be formed to play the songs or you can use the backing tracks available.