About Stay Out of Trouble Frankie

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This musical tale shows that a day at the beach isn’t all what it’s croaked up to be.

Stay out of Trouble Frankie is a shorter musical that should last approximately 40 minutes and is ideal for a smaller group or even a class.

We follow the endured struggles of beach critters and fishermen through intertwining stories.  Frankie the frog is dumped at the beach after his owner grew bored of him after he completed his transformation from tadpole.  He meets 2 local crabs – Nips and Crusty along with some fanatical beach crickets who have to get him to fresh water – and fast. Ready to eat them are starving seagulls that have been struggling to find fresh seafood and would stop at nothing to snap up anything that scuttles past.  Meanwhile, Ralph finds himself in a spot of bother when he’s caught by three fishermen.  They themselves also find that life on the sea has its ups and downs.

  • Will Frankie make it to fresh water before he shrivels up?
  • Will the Seagull Army just have to settle for eating sand and poo?
  • Will Ralph be smoked or fried?

All will be revealed in Stay Out of Trouble Frankie.