Frankie Script Excerpt

Have a look at a snippet from our script.  If you would like to download and take a look at our entire sample script, click here


Paul: Hey – I think I’ve got a nibble.

Just underneath the boat are fishes swimming and Ralph the fish has just taken the bait and can’t get off.

Jeremy: What are you doing Ralph?

Ralph: This wasn’t a little fish at all.  I’ve been tricked!

Jeremy: You’re not hooked are you?

Ralph: Well it looks that way doesn’t it Jeremy?

Jeremy: Don’t get grumpy with me Ralph.  Hey, Dave – come and give us a fin!

Dave: I’m not getting involved Jeremy.  Ralph got himself into this mess.  He can get himself out!

Ralph: Fine fish you are Dave.  You sure get to know who your true mates are!

Jeremy: Right, enough now!  Come on Ralph, stop playing around.

Ralph: I’m not playing around Jeremy.  I can’t get off this blimmin line.

Ralph gets tugged and he quickly shoots back and forth on the line and goes behind the boat.

Jeremy: (very distressed) Ralph, no!  Come back Ralph.  I’m sorry!  Come back.  Oh no!  What will I do now? (to Dave) Thanks for your help Dave!  Me and Jeremy have been friends since eggsac!

Dave: Oh, get a grip Jeremy.  There are plenty more fish in the sea.

Jeremy: Oh yes!  Very funny.  You’ve been waiting to crack that line out for ages haven’t you!

Dave: Those clown fish have nothing on me.

Dave just smiles and swims off.  Jeremy follows slowly.

Jeremy: (very sad) Poor Ralph.  See ya mate!

(Back up on the boat).Paul: (Pulls up a fish from other side of boat) Woo hoo!  I got one.

Grommit: Nice one bro.  Legend!  Chuck it in the bucket.  It looks like the fish are biting today.  Pete, get off the floor and drop anchor!  Let’s see what’s down there!