Down the Chimney Script Excerpt

Have a look at a snippet from our script.  If you would like to download and take a look at our entire sample script, click here


Pointy Toes: Right, first item on the agenda (looking at clipboard) ummm, hoof marks.

Comet: Oh, here we go.

Pointy Toes: What was that Comet?

Comet: No nothing Pointy Toes.  Carry on.

Pointy Toes: Hoof marks.  We’re still finding muddy hoof marks in the kitchen area.

Comet: Well we can’t take our hooves off before we come inside can we?

Pointy Toes: No you can’t but you could clean them.

Comet: All us reindeer are really trying to keep our hooves clean before we go inside.

Pointy Toes: Are you using the dirty trotter stopper?

Comet: (getting sick of being nagged)  Yes we’re using the dirty trotter stopper.  Far out!

Pointy Toes: Every time?

Comet: Yes Pointy Toes.

Pointy Toes: Well your hooves shouldn’t even be getting muddy anyway.  We’re in the North Pole.  It’s covered in snow and ice.

Comet: So?

Pointy Toes: Snow is white!  Where is the dirt coming from?  Why are your hooves getting dirty?

Comet: Geez Pointy Toes you sound like my mother.  We don’t know why.  I guess it’s just another one of those Christmas mysteries no one will know the answer to.  Can we move on please?

Pointy Toes: Can you just tell the other reindeer to be extra careful please Comet?

Comet: I will.

Pointy Toes: Thank you.  Right, next point of business.  Wrapping.  Some fantastic wrapping this Christmas BushyBrows.

BushyBrows: Thank you Pointy Toes.

Pointy Toes: But we have had a few elves admitted to hospital.

BushyBrows: Yes.  We were down a few elves on the shop floor for a variety of accidents, but we followed procedures and filled out the relevant occupational safety and elf forms.

Santa: What kind of accidents did you have BushyBrows.

BushyBrows: A lot of paper cuts mainly.  There were a few nasty ones this year.  One paper cut was so bad it almost took Lefty’s other hand off.

Santa: My goodness!

BushyBrows: Ummm, we had a couple of elves who got cellotape stuck to their hands and face.  That wasn’t pretty.  When we ripped it off it left a big red mark and they squealed quite loud.  They were in a lot of pain. It was funny to watch though!  (chuckles to himself).  And just a couple of the normal injuries from elves falling off ripsticks and we had to amputate a few thumbs from elves playing too much Playstation.

Santa: Thank you BushyBrows.  We’ll issue all elves with wrapping gloves to stop the paper cuts and cellotape mishaps.  And cut down on the elves Playstation time to an hour a day.

BushyBrows: The elves won’t be happy with one hour a day on the Playstation but it’s for their own good! Thanks Santa.