Down the Chimney Characters

Here are all of the characters from this school musical and a bit of info about what makes them tick.

From the North Pole

Santa: The big jolly man himself


Pointy Toes: The elf in charge. 
Tiny: The go to elf.
Big Ears: Tiny’s right hand elf.
Diddums: The moaning elf.
BushyBrows: Organizes the toy workshop 
Goggles: Mr Gadget!
Dior: The dame of fashion.
Lefty: Health and safety elf.
MotorMouth: The quiet one.
Scatters: In one elf ear and out the other.
Precious: Hates mistakes.


Dasher: Pretty quick.
Dancer: Dreams of warmer climates.
Prancer: Elegant reindeer.
Vixen: Hates the cold.
Comet: Cleanest hooves in the North.
Cupid: The chilled out reindeer.
Donner: Named after a kebab.  
Blitzen: The carrot eating reindeer.
Rudolf: That’s one shiny nose!

Spy Toys

Elle: The Barbie with attitude.

The Unsavoury Characters

Anty Santa: Hates Christmas.
Young Anty: The boy before he turned bad. 
Mrs Santana: The bad guys Mum.
Moustachio: Muscles and moes!
Wibbles: Makes no sense.  
Broken Jaw: The henchman.
Disco: Got the moves!
Shoulders: The loyal sidekick.


The King: Elvis has left the building!
Cuddly Bear: The cute, cuddly one.
Grizzly Bear: The not so cute and cuddly one.
Superman: Is it a bird, is it a plane?
Spiderman: Another number one super hero.
Batman: The super hero that just wants to fit in.
Dolls: Every girls favourite toy.
Lego Policeman 1, 2, 3: There to uphold the law.
Lego Robber 1 and 2: Can’t be trusted.
Lego Pirate: Just wants his treasure.

Seamus the Leprechaun: You’ll be lucky to catch him!
Zara and Matthew Blakemore: Kids with no toys under the tree.


The big jolly man himself

Pointy Toes

The elf in charge


Pretty quick


Muscles and more
  • The big jolly man himself
  • The elf in charge
  • Pretty quick
  • Muscles and more