About One Fly Over The Rubbish Dump

One Fly Over the Rubbish Dump logoRead what the school musical One Fly Over The Rubbish Dump is all about!

One Fly over the Rubbish Dump is a story of loss, friendship, power, greed and unfulfilled dreams through the eyes of some unlikely characters.

This musical tale tells of life inside Chillax Rubbish Dump – an overcrowded, growing wasteland that is starting to eat up all the surrounding land to fit more rubbish.

But when Eric, a not so common housefly accidentally gets left behind at Chillax Rubbish Dump, he makes it his mission to get back to the safety and comfort of his own home.

On his travels he stumbles upon an unlikely group of dump flies who face a constant struggle to find food.  Mean and selfish spiders have control of the dumps entire food supply and will kill anything that comes close to their stash of food.

  • Will the flies find something to eat, or will they all starve to death?
  • Will the Chillax Rubbish Dump ever stop growing?
  • Will Eric find his way back home?
  • Can one fly REALLY make a difference?

All will be revealed in One Fly Over the Rubbish Dump.