One Fly Over the Rubbish Dump Script Excerpt

Have a look at a snippet from our script.  If you would like to download and take a look at our entire sample script, click here

A group of mean spiders are getting ready to eat some flies for lunch....

Webber: So.  You think you can come into our place and take our food do you?  Well, have we got news for you!

Legs: Webber!  Why are you being so rude?  You haven’t even introduced us to your new found friends yet.

Webber: Why, I’m sorry Legs.  Legs, (pointing to the flies) here is appetizers, main and dessert.  Three course meal – this is Legs.

Legs: Well, hello you three.  Nice of you to drop on by.  It’s always great having new insects over to the new lair.  Do you like what we’ve done with the place?

Webber: Redback – lunch.  Lunch – Redback.

Redback: Greetings.  I can’t wait to suck out all of your blood.  (laughs uncontrollably)

Legs: Redback, stop being weird.

Redback: Sorry Legs.

Webber: Food, Daddy.  Daddy, food.

Daddy: Such a wonderful pleasure to meet you.  I hope your flight over was comfortable and you enjoy your short stay.  (staring at Eric) I’ll have you first.

Webber: And I’m Webber, your spider guider.  I’m the one who will show you around and make your stay here as pleasant as insectly possible.  We’re just waiting for the boss to arrive.

(Enter Tarrant Chula)

Tarrant Chula: What’s all this? (all spiders bow). Well, well, well – three holes in the ground.  What do we have here?

Redback: Flies sir.

Tarrant Chula: I know that Redback.  So.  Three defenceless, hungry flies coming to steal some food.  Do you think we’re a drive through restaurant hmmm?

Redback: More like a fly through!  laughs uncontrollably and everyone looks at him in silence.

Tarrant Chula: Anyway.  This is what we’re going to do.  We will crawl over you, stick these big sharp teeth into your body and suck out all of your blood until there is nothing left.  Do you have any last words at all flies?

Marmite: I hope you choke!

Legs: Why you little…  (goes to attack Marmite and is stopped by Tarrant Chula)

Tarrant Chula: No leave him.  His time will come.