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About Pinecone: The Musical

Pinecone: The Musical LogoRattle ya dags and read what the School Musical Pinecone: The Musical is all about!

Pinecone is a rural New Zealand tale that is set in a small coastal town called Mahuta Valley.

Meet the many characters that make this a town with a difference.  There's Dags the dim-witted neighbour who is said to be a few meat patties short of a hamburger, Ewen, Eugene and Lamberton, the three militant sheet and Regis the bad tempered, constantly irate Magpie.

Then there's the hero Colin Pines (or Pinecone to his mates).  Pinecone has acquired the ability to communicate with all living things after being involved in a freak accident five years earlier.

Pinecone is admired by all in the community until a greedy businesswoman comes to Mahuta Valley in an attempt to turn the small sleepy town into a large chaotic city.

  • Will the beautiful landscape that is Mahuta Valley be changed forever to an overpopulated metropolis with dirty grey skyscrapers and smelly noisy vehicles?
  • Can Pinecone save the town he loves?

All will be revealed in Pinecone: The Musical!