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Pinecone Script Excerpt

Have a look at a snippet from our script.  If you would like to download and take a look at our entire sample script, click here

Set in the shearing shed. 3 sheep (Ewen, Lamberton and Eugene) are centre stage, freshly shorn (Ewen sitting a bit further away from the other two). Downstage is Shaun – not looking forward to being the next sheep.

Lamberton: How dare that farmer do that to us! Take all our wool. What do you think Eugene?

Eugene: I don’t know Lamberton. What I do know is that it’s gunna be getting mighty cold these next few months. Poor old Ewen is taking it pretty hard though.

Lamberton: What do you mean?

Eugene: Well look at him! He’s a wreck.

Ewen is sitting in front of a mirror devastated that he has no more wool.

Ewen: I don’t believe it! I just don’t believe it! It took me ages to get my fleece looking like thaaaaaaaaat. It didn’t happen overnight you know. I had the whole Justin Beber thing going. And they took it from me. They took it from me I tell you! (walks over and joins the other two).

Lamberton: You’ll be right maaaaaate.

Eugene: Yeaaaaaaaah, it’ll grow back Ewen.

Ewen: Thanks guys. It just makes me so maaaaaaaad.

Lamberton and Eugene: Maaaaaaaaad.

Eugene: Hey, what’s the matter with Shaun?

Lamberton: Bleats me – Oi Shaun. What’s wrong mate?

Shaun: (determined) They’re not taking it from me. I’ll show them. Do you hear me? They’re not going to take it!

Eugene: (to Shaun) You’ll be right maaate! (To the other sheep) Poor fella. Shaun’s not handling it very well.

Ewen: Well with a name like that, Shaun’s got no chance.