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About The Fret

The Fret logoRock on and read what the school musical The Fret is all about!

The Fret is everywhere…

This musical tale tells the tale of a group of unlikely friends who decide to start a rock band in the hope of achieving fame and fortune.

But on their quest for rock stardom they find that being in a band is a lot harder than previously thought.

This is made even more difficult when Julia, one of the bands founding members gets mixed up with an evil mastermind who goes by the name Des Picable.  He has nothing but world domination on his mind, and with the help of his misunderstood evil sidekick Spacer, they team up to take over the globe by spreading war and hatred.

  • Will their evil plan succeed?
  • Can the band rescue Julia as well as save the world?
  • Will they record another decent song or will the band be another one hit wonder?

All will be revealed in The Fret!