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The Fret Script Excerpt

Have a look at a snippet from our script.  If you would like to download and take a look at our entire sample script, click here


Andy and Julia are holding auditions for some new members for their rock band...

Andy: (pleased with himself) Hey Julia.  Done the audition card.  What do you think?  (holding up his sign)

Julia: (reading it out) Auditions here.  Any musical talent would be an advantage.  Must also be good looking.

Andy still looks pleased with himself and has a big smile on his face.

Julia: I suppose.

Andy: I’ll put it on the door (rushing to the back of the stage). Let’s see what kind of response we get.  (sitting on the couch with Julia and pauses for a while) Now we play the waiting game. (Julia gives Andy an unconvincing look)

There’s a knock on the door.

Julia: Wow!  That was quicker than I thought.  (gets up and opens the door.  In walks Smarties and Visa – two street smart rappers).

Visa: Sup yal?

Smarties: Hello.

Andy: Hey there.  Who might you two be?

Visa: Yo!  I’s be Visa – the wickedest rapper this side of the Ghetto.  You name it, I can rap it.   Yo yo - Listen here yal –
Be it something sad, or be it something happy –
I can do a rap on your little kitty catty.
I can rap it twice, or I can rap it once.
I is so good - I can even wrap my lunch.

Smarties: Hello you two.  I am Visa’s dope rapper sidekick and brains of the operation.  My name is Smarties.

Andy: Right!  We’re starting up a music group.  Show us what you can do and if you’re what we want – you’re in!