About The Search for S.O.A.P.

The Search for S.O.A.P LogoBlast off and read what the school musical The Search for S.O.A.P is all about!

The top space men and women from around the world have united for a truly astronomical mission that is out of this world.  Led by top British astronaut Tom Sensible, they embark on a dangerous assignment to see if global warming has in fact made the earth so warm that it's dripping water the way an ice-cream does on a hot day.

Unfortunately after lift off, their navigation system malfunctions and they lose contact with Earth.  Floating around lost in space they have to find their way back home.  But what they find instead may mean the end of not only their mission, but their very survival.

  • Will they get back to Earth safely?
  • Are we the only intelligent life forms in this universe?
  • Does Earth need a bucket under it to catch all the dripping water?

All will be revealed in The Search for S.O.A.P!