Search for S.O.A.P Music

Lyric Sheet Sample

Soap Lyric Sheet 'Roger That'

Here are the songs that accompany this out of this world school musical and what you'll get if you put an order in.

Use the music player to hear some of the catchy songs from The Search for S.O.A.P.

If you purchase this musical for your school you get a complete resource with EVERYTHING you need to put on the musical. 

In each MusaSchools resource you'll receive:


  • An audio CD with all of the songs performed for each musical.  It will include all of the songs with vocals for your practices so children can learn the songs.  The CD also has an instrumental version for when show time comes around!
  • A second CD - 'Behind The Scenes' where all of the song sheets can be printed out and made into song books.
  • Guitar chords for school bands to perform the songs to or play along to the CD.
  • It's easy for instrumentalists to create their own melodic or rhythmic line.