What You Get

With each MusaSchool musical you will receive a COMPLETE resource pack.

This resource will cut down on the many countless hours teachers and staff spend behind the scenes putting a school musical on (not counting actual rehearsals!).  We will send you a Dropbox link so you can access and download everything online instantaneously!!  Resources come either in PC or Mac format so print off as many documents as you want, push play and away you go!  Each musical is charged at one flat rate - no stress with added extras and hassle.  Check out the musicals on offer on this website and enjoy!

The complete resource pack for each MusaSchool musical includes: 

  1. A full copy of the script
  2. All of the songs with vocals for your rehearsals and backing tracks for show time
  3. Complete chord charts for all of the songs that can be performed with a school band
  4. Complete lyric sheets for all of the songs which can be made into a song booklet
  5. A template for both the show program and tickets where you just add your details
  6. All the letters you will need to send home to parents
  7. Complete organisation of the musical - audition sheets, prop and costume information, suggested rehearsal schedules and other invaluable ideas to help your musical succeed
  8. Cost breakdown and potential revenue you could receive from putting on a school musical.
  9. For Pinecone: The Musical, you will receive powerpoint presentations that are needed for the production
  10. Links to the New Zealand Curriculum
MusaSchools Pricing
Stay out of Trouble Frankie $250.00
The Search For S.O.A.P. $350.00
Pinecone: The Musical $350.00
The Fret $350.00
One Fly Over The Rubbish Dump $350.00
Down the Chimney $350.00

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